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The Houston Margarita Society is a 24 year-old not-for-profit organization that supports charities for disadvantaged children in the Houston area. 
This is accomplished through these fund raising mixers and the Annual Ball  see:  photo

Houston Margarita Society events Houston Singles traditionally draw quality professionals from throughout the Houston area. The Houston Margarita Ball is well known as the kick off event of the Houston social season. Last year's black tie event was attended by over 1700 of Houston's finest margarita connoisseurs and resulted in a mountain of toys in addition to thousands of dollars of cash donations for the Marine Corps Toys For Tots Foundation.

The shiny new toy which needy children receive each Christmas from Marines, through the Toys for Tots program. Youngsters readily recognize that Marines achieve their success through adherence to the highest standards of discipline, patriotism, physical fitness and moral character.

Happy Hour Social Mixers
   Thurs August 12th El Tiempo .. 8135 Katy Fwy  6 to 10 PM
   Thurs Sept  9th  Post Oak Grill .. 1415 S. Post Oak  6 to 9 PM

  Saturday September 25th  -  25th Annual Margarita Ball  

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History footnote: The most popular of all the historical claim behind the Margarita originates in 1948. A fabulous hostess and Dallas socialite, Margarita Sames, hosted a pool side Christmas party at her vacation home in Acapulco, Mexico. The party game of choice for Margarita was to get behind the bar and see what concoctions she could develop and let her party guests test and rate  the results. That evening she mixed three parts tequila with one part Cointreau and one part lime. The result was a success among her guests and quickly traveled through the elite in Texas and soon Hollywood under the name of the one who created it.
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