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Disclosure Statement
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Welcome to apartments for rent Houston Texas, providing $100 savings in addition to apartment move in specials for metropolitan Houston Texas  || main ||

# 1 When you visit apartment complex.
put Apartments-Houston-Moving-Relocation 
on your
Guest Card, Application and Lease as your referring agent.
#2 After you sign lease come back and fill out our rebate form
# 3 You receive $ 100 dollars from us,  it is that simple.



Bedrooms E = efficiency , Monthly = range of pricing by the month for 1 bedroom through 3 bedrooms,  
Listing of apartments with
apartment name address in this color = positive feedback from our customers.
Listings with * in information column, require a representative from Apartments Houston Moving Relocation to accompany you to their complex, we will do this gratis, appointment required.
We make every effort to reply to all requests with in one day, Internet connections are never perfect, yours and ours, if you have not heard from us, something along the way has been lost please  reapply.

Privacy Statement

We DO NOT make buy or sell customer lists. We DO NOT sell online customer information to any outside company or third party. We have security measures to respect the privacy of our customers, any information you may provide here is private. We will not disclose personal communications unless required to do so by law.
Our Internet connection uses cookies to keep track of which Internet service provides are coming to our site,  which helps us in future updates to this site. This does not extract information about individual users or their computers.

 Rebate Disclosure

Our goal is to assist you in finding the apartment. Ws are a free service to you that provides specials and rebates directly to our clients. However, pursuant to Texas law and the rules and regulations of the Texas Real Estate Commission the following restrictions apply:
1. In order to be eligible for a rebate, you must sign a lease for six months or longer and include Apartments Houston Moving Relocation  and the designated agent in the appropriate areas on the rental application and lease agreement. Some properties require Apartments Houston Moving Relocation to register clients before visiting the complex. Failure to register properly may result in the forfeiture of your rebate. Failure to clarify that Apartments Houston Moving Relocation . com referred you may result in the forfeiture of Rebate.

2. The property you select must be a participating property. A participating property is a property that has knowledge of Apartments Houston Moving  Location Rebate Offer and gives apartments Houston Moving Relocation consent to offer rebates. If the property you select withholds its consent, Apartments Houston Moving Relocation will not be obligated to pay a rebate or compensation of any type.

We will pay one rebate per apartment unit. Persons who intentionally submit multiple rebates for the same apartment unit will forfeit their rebate. || rebate || rebate available for 6 or longer leases only.

Apartment Data

Apartments may advertise apartment units in general terms, and all units may not have the same features. The amount of rent represents the range of prices charged starting rent for a basic unit to the largest unit. We do not maintain data regarding specific unit availability, and information on apartments should be confirmed directly with the apartment complex by the user.

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